Ivo Kljuce

“I’ve forgotten more about photography than others will ever learn.”

Mannheim, Germany
VISIT WEBSITE: https://ivo-kljuce.de/

Ivo Kljuce has worked for 30 years as a freelance artist and independent photographer in the fields of fashion, architecture, people, music, media, and also skillfully converts his work into CD covers or advertising.

In his studio in Mannheim most of his works are created. For him, art is the essence of his existence. His passion for photography and art is felt.

Highlights of what was incorporated into the design: Overview of the photo galleries on the homepage, sidebar menu.

Special functions: Photos are synced with Instagram and Facebook photo libraries.

Noteworthy: for months we tested various possibilities for displaying photo galleries by a photographer who literally takes several dozen shots a day….What seemed like a straightforward feature ended up being rather intuitive: instead of making Ivo take even more time from his already busy schedule to upload new photos to the website, add them to their respective galleries, and label them, we set it up so that the galleries pull photos directly from his Instagram and Facebook accounts, where he’s uploading photos anyway. The photos are automatically synced according to hashtag/folder name.